Aps Kota

APS, Kota


04 Jul 1982 Army Primary School
students str 50 (Raj Board)
Affiliated to the CBSE 10 Nov 1993
Nov 1990
Army School students,
str 409 std up to VIII
Apr 1993 Affiliated to CBSE
1995 Class X First batch
2000 Class XII First batch
Jul 2011, Army Public School
05 Oct 2012 by the Army Cdr New Campus
SciencePhysics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, CS/IP, Physical Education, Hindi, English
CommerceAccountancy, Business studies, Economics,CS/ IP, Physical Education, Hindi, English, Maths
HumanitiesHistory, Political Science, Economics, CS/IP, Physical Education, Hindi, English
APS, Kota
In our School we take pride in the following traditions:
1.To be always friendly with one another in and out of the school.
2.To accept whatever work is assigned to us as our rightful share.
3. To offer help to any unattended visitor we happen to meet in our premises.
4. To rise and show due respect where teacher or visitor enters any room in which we happen to be.
5.To be courteous and sportsman like with opposing team and with officials.
6.To avoid vulgarity in our talk and behavior.
7.To respect the library and the rights of other students using it.
8.To respect the beauty of the school premises and to pick up if any unwanted papers are dropped by others.
9.To avoid dropping waste papers in the school premises and to report any damage which we may observe.
10.To learn and observe good manners at table and elsewhere.
These traditions are little things in themselves, but
they cannot be enforced since this would destroy, their value.
The desire to observe them must come from within and
must be genuine, only then, can one’s character be build up.
1.Students take part in games, athletics and
other Co- curricular activities which are part and parcel of education:
Facilities of the games provided by the school are:
a)Outdoor Games
Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball and Athletics events.
b)Indoor Games
Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton, Carrom.
2.Class picnics and Educational Tours are regular feature and
are encouraged to take part in them. Educational Tours are organized
regularly in/around the city.
3.Elocution, Debates, Quizzes, NCC, Scouting and
other activities are offered to ensure
a Healthy Mind in Healthy Body.
4.Membership in Journalism Club is open to interested students.
5.Horse Riding is applicable to all students.